Basketball Gender Reveal Ball

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6 Inch Exploding Basketball - Perfect Size For Dunks and Shots!

Reveal your newest family member with our Exploding Basketball. At Gender Reveal Celebrations we bring you the best way to unveil your family member. We specifically crafted our Basketball to pack a punch and deliver the WOW factor! Our goal was to help create a moment for you and your closest family members to cherish. Be prepared to have your camera ready as our Exploding Basketball Reveal will help capture the shock and celebration your new baby deserves.

Our 6 inch Sports Reveal Basketball is the perfect size to allow you to dunk or shoot against the backboard to watch it explode. Our exploding basketball was hand crafted by our staff to ensure it detonates with authority! Exploding Basketball's have been showcased on Bleacher Report and ESPN. Let alone the countless NBA stars and College coaches who have used Reveal Basketballs to welcome their little one.

Putting together our Basketball Reveal is as easy as ever. Each order includes two shells with the correct color powder and specifically designed tape. Carefully add the pink or blue powder into the middle and close to basketball together with our tape. Your basketball themed reveal is ready for the most important score of your life!