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our story

I have always been told in life that "you can either build your own dreams or someone will hire you to build theirs" and that is solely what my wife and I have based our business off of. The inspiration behind our business would be our first son.

My wife wanted to find out the gender of our baby early instead of waiting for the hospital to tell us at 20 weeks. Now at first I was totally against this just for the simple fact that we could just wait a couple extra weeks and find out for free from the hospital, but I finally agreed to it (like I had a say in it anyways). So we went to the local ultrasound office, and from the moment we seen our little man on that screen in front of us the addiction began. We went back countless times just to see him and hear his heart beat.

Our main goal is that every mommy to be get to experience the same joy that we did, and get 3D 4D pictures that will last a life time at very affordable prices. Here at Baby's First Look 3D/4D Ultrasound we offer a variety of different 3D/4D packages to bring you closer to your baby.