9 week gender determination blood test with SneakPeek Clinical!💖💙


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Our Ultrasound studio

Watch this video of our beautiful ultrasound studio and see how warm and inviting it is!



When is the best time for a ultrasound?


To be 100% accurate we do our 'Gender Reveal Ultrasound' starting at 14 weeks.

The best time to come for our '3D/4D Ultrasound' is between 24-34 weeks.

What is the difference between 2D/3D/4D ultrasounds?


2D ultrasounds are the usual b/w images that have been used for years. A 3D image captures a true, three dimensional single image of your baby allowing the ability to see specific features such as the face, hands, and feet. 4D adds motion to the 3D images to create a real time video of the baby.

why baby's first look is right for you!


Here at Baby's First Look we offer longer ultrasound sessions,  and more 3D/4D prints than any other ultrasound office around all for an unbeatable price. At our extremely at-home-feeling office, you are guaranteed to have the best ultrasound experience you have ever received.